Goodbye to Sydney!

Say Goodbye to Jed and Jo, Harry and Charlie!

We’re off to live in Boulder, Colorado USA for a while, so we’d love an opportunity to see all our friends for a great big BBQ/picnic before we go.

When: Sunday August 10, 2008

Where: Bicentennial Park Homebush Bay. We will be setting up around the shelter and BBQ area near parking area P10g, off Homebush Bay Drive.

Time: We’re intending to get there by 12pm, and will stay until the sun sets – so turn up any time around then. Early arrivals can stake their claim!

Bring: All your stuff for a picnic/BBQ and great day out in the park! All are welcome.

Extra info:

·         For those using public transport, it’s closest to Concord West station. There is a walking map from the station on the Olympic Park site link below.

·         Visit the Olympic Park site for extra info on public transport, maps of the area, etc.



  • Sweet, I’ll drive up in the morning, stay the night somewhere (anyone, pls??) and come back to Canberra in the morning!

  • I doubt we will be there…Zaidyn came home with much excitement this arvo about the prospect of a picnic in the park until I reminded him he already has a prior engagement on Sunday catching up with a boy who has been his best friend his entire short life and is also moving very soon (to Queensland). It would be possible to reschedule this but given that the temperature for Sunday is 15 degrees and we are still battling recovery after weeks of sickness (colds/flu) I don’t know that it’s such a great idea for us to attend. If we don’t see you we do wish you all the very best and hope to stay in touch via email/chat/whatever. Your blog is beautiful. Well done.
    Regards Te’re Melrose (Zaidyns mum)

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