No, not that 'change of life'

Living here couldn’t be more different than what we’ve been used to. And it’s pretty much all good. It’s a 1 minute walk to the bus stop, and the bus comes every 10 minutes. And this is the view I have while I wait:

We have at least one squirrel in the tree which overhangs our condo’s back patio. Of course there are squirrels everywhere here. But this one is in our tree.

He’s cute. Fast. Brown. And yet…

I’m sure he’s a ninja. As are all squirrels here in Boulder. (You heard it here first.) Why? Nothing that moves that fast is all good.

In any case, this little guy is very cool. I see him every day. Mostly in the  morning or evening, when I’m actually sitting still long enough for him to whip past. I took a pic of him this morning and the flash made him stop and look at me as if to say “paparazzi.”

Additionally, we have a gorgeous family of deer who also hang out in the backyard. (We call it the backyard. It’s actually open space and a park). The mum has a radio collar on her neck, the dad has only been seen a couple of times (he must work a lot), and the kids bounce around like the Disney Bambi. They like the grass and don’t mind it when people bike past or walk down the path. Sorry I don’t have a pic of them at the moment, but will add it when I do.

All these guys could do with names. Suggestions most welcome.

Click your heels together three times. We’re not in Mulletville any more, Toto!


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