Breastfed is best fed. The End.

Yes, I breastfed all four of my children.

Yes, I did for at least three years for every one of them.

And no, I make no apologies for it.

If you’re uncomfortable with my headline, then as the Queen of Spain says, #suckit. (Yes, I do finally get that.)

I’ve spouted for a long time that breast fed is best fed. I think it’s a great line and it describes my feelings well. All four of my kids deserved the best, and still do. I have sacrificed a lot for my kids.

After walking the talk for 18 years on natural birthing and breastfeeding, I am very familiar with the reasons why people don’t do one or both of the above.

Some are valid reasons – and I recognise that. But the World Health Organisation’s statistics are not possibly wrong. How can Western Nations suddenly need vast numbers of c-sections and women worldwide continue to *choose* to formula feed over breastfeeding for reasons that are non-medical?

Doesn’t your child deserve the best?


  • Indeed and we need to show many new parents where to access information about breastfeeding. My mother formula fed and I had no ideas about breastfeeding and the how tos. I mucked up with my first, but got it right second time around once I sought help and education.

    Until breastfeeding is seen as the natural way to feed babies and infant formula is an alternative that is synthetic and does not have all the benefits of breastfeeding then we still need to blog things like this.

    And we need to also keep making sure the WHO guidelines are maintained- supermarkets are not allowed to advertise infant formula, yet they can with toddler milk (whatever that is!) Sigh! Will get off my high horse now!

  • Very true !

    Often parents who choose formula as a lifestyle choice are not aware that they are exposing their babies to additional risks such as these :
    – About 40% more likely to develop type 1 diabetes
    – About 25% more likely to become overweight or obese
    – About 60% more likely to suffer from recurrent ear infections
    – About 30% more likely to suffer from leukaemia
    – About 100% more likely to suffer from diarrhoea
    – About 250% more likely to be hospitalised for respiratory conditions like asthma and pneumonia
    (source : US dept of Health and Human services).

    Choosing to feed our kids milk from the wrong species of mammal has inherent risks which the formula companies don’t want us to hear about.

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