What Twitter means to me

I joined Twitter on my first trip to the US, in 2007 at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco. And I remember thinking it sucked. I had no connections other than the conference channel – which was tweeting  basically nothing. That sucked.

Segway (does it have a ue?): I’m a tertiary level teacher of marketing and journalism in Oz, and every Christmas break (5 weeks long) I commit myself to a private research project. That year I committed myself to social media – particularly, Twitter. And I got back on board.

With a vengeance.

I joined @STUB and met other Sydney based Twitterers in real life. I extended those relationships online and people all over the world are now part of a network I’m happily claiming to be my friends. Not even in air quotes.

So my summer research has now, 2 yrs later, become a network of over 1650 people. Many of whom I know care about me just as they do other friends in their life. And if you are, at this point, thinking “is she going to talk about me”, then you’re one of the people I feel most close to.

Far from making me a desperate online loser, I sincerely believe online communities are the families and friends of the future. Durkheim – I love looking at your crap, but you’re a bit wrong. We are distanced, but we are strong.

To all my friends who started with Twitter, I am so grateful to have you. You have changed my life for the better. What a great summer project you were. What an amazing present and future you offer.



  • True. Social media, IMO, is tool of convenience. Because of this, it allows “friendships” to develop. Over time I can see where you would drop the quotes. (I’m still a relative noobie) If they are on-line or in real life they both [friends] require some care and nourishment. You get out what you put in.

  • Wow.. this is a nice post.. and very inspiring one.. Friendship and family matters are important.. Thanks to twitter we are given this opportunity to experience good things.. Thanks for sharing.. Looking forward to reading other great posts.

  • It can be a very real friendship that evolves via social networks like Twitter. This is because it enables people to spend casual time just hanging out together that is hard to do in real life unless you are physically proximate.

    BTW we miss you @STUB

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