World Championships Speed Stacking

Yesterday we went along to the World Championships. Of course, if we didn’t live half an hour from the venue, I doubt we’d have gone along. That said, all four of my kids have had fun cup stacking. It’s a bit addictive. I even enjoy it. It’s great for working on hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, teamwork… all that good stuff.

Please note *our* focus is not on being the fastest in the world. It’s more about beating your own best times, in a type of drag-race against the other team. In my view, only one person gets to be the fastest in the world. (At the moment it’s a guy named Steven, who is incredibly fast.) But if that’s all the focus you give to it, then you’re ripping yourself off from the fun that can be had in simply doing it to get better at it.

It’s this approach which I think makes the kids keen to try new things – sports, meeting new people, etc., and takes the pressure off them to do it better than anyone else. Enjoy our little video!


  • Great to see my son Michael at the beginning of this video clip carrying the flag for NZ at the Opening Ceremony. Thanks for this!!

  • Wow! I was the one wooting loudly when they introduced New Zealand. šŸ™‚ I love NZ – it made me feel close to home. I hope your son had a great time!

  • This is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. I want my kids to get totally into this sport. Does it include the cup stacking into dishwasher category?

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