Tribevibe launch

At last, we are launching Tribevibe this week at the Founder Showcase in Silicon Valley.

It’s been a long journey.

Looking back on what we originally entered the Founder Institute program with – which was absolutely perfect for us, and still is today – it’s not only the name of the company and tool that’s changed. I looked back on our original video outlining who we are and really we’re still the same. Here it is for those who like to reminisce.

But the Tribevibe that is launching this week really looks very little like our original cloud-based CMS idea.

Tribevibe takes away all the smoke and mirrors associated with finding out and tracking who is influential across the web. You can enter any blog post’s URL, and find out how it’s being engaged with, commented on, and talked about across Facebook, Twitter, other blog posts, etc. You can also see how hot the post is – if there’s a high level of engagement from influential folk, or if really you’re not getting much traction at all.

And different to any other analytic tool – it all happens in Real Time. Immediately. Straight away. Faster than it took to read this paragraph. Think how fast Google search is. Tribevibe is the analytic version of web search.

Who’ll use it?

It’s fun for anyone to use. It’s free at the most basic level, and can be a good way to see what your best topics are, and where most of your conversations are. But it’s great for professional bloggers who want to build a really accurate and focused presence, understand their readers, and build media kits that demonstrate the very real impact they have. It’s perfect for PR reps and blogger relations experts who want to identify whose content resonates best, and who to approach to hit the sweet spot with a particular target audience. And finally, it’s great for advertisers and consumer product manufacturers who are looking for the digital version of CPM – something that’s troubled them for years.

And it’s not paranoia if they really are talking about you 😉

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