The one where I’m crowdsourcing stalkers at SXSW

Dear SXSW attendees:

I know you’re all excited. You’re going to spend a whole heap of time being all geeky and fun, and drinking and stuff. Talking about startups, design, innovation, music… ooh I’ll bet you’re all tingly.

My husband is one of you. He’s kid-at-Christmas excited. He loves Texas and had a ball there last year. As a startup geek guy, he can’t wait for a whole week of indulgence.

Good on him. I hope he has a great time.

But now to the point of this post – apart from his blue eyes and salt-and-pepper hair, my husband has an Australian accent.

I have seen the way females respond to a male with this shrimp-on-the-barby quality. It’s a little over the top. During SXSW women go a little nuts for startup guys – add the accent, and it’s all downhill for the startup widow wife.

Unlike some other (better known) startup guys who think it’s okay to flirt and carry on while away from home, as long as they “don’t go home with anyone at the end of the night,” (I’m not naming names, but you freaking well know who you are – and people do talk about you, by the way), it’s not going to cut it with me.

Stop whining, woman. What’s the point?

I’m not going to SXSW (someone has to stay here and look after the kids and write a thesis), so… I’m running a Where’s Waldo-style competition on my husband for attendees of SXSW. Let’s call it my little contribution to citizen journalism.

Ooh, a competition from a mom blogger? (Who’d have thought, right?) But how do I WIN?

This is Jed. Print it out. Keep it handy. (Note the wedding ring.) Some call it stalking, I call it love.

All you have to do is find my husband, Jed (gorgeous guy – see the pic – with accent). Take pictures of him, and post them on whatever social network you use (Brightkite, Twitpic, Flickr, whatever). Tag them ‘Jed’. You can then tweet me the link (@Mediamum), or post them in the comments for this post. Each entry will get a number, and I’ll draw a winner using the Random Generator tool. The winner will get a $25 gift card from the place of their choice. The more pics you take, the more opportunities you have to win.

I love my husband. If I squint a bit, he looks like Mark Harmon, and that’s something too good to lose.  I’m sure you understand.

Thanks, and I hope you rock the world at SXSW. (Don’t make me come down there.)

*Jed has given his blessing for this competition to happen. He thinks it’s funny. That will be the case unless everyone there starts taking his picture. Then I’ll be the one laughing.

**Do not chew me out for being a loser wife. I love mah man and no biaitch is gettin’ in mah way (hair flick). That said, he has my blessing to drink and talk and stuff. Just as long as his hands are in plain view at all times.


  • Cool. I think my mission should be to have as many photos taken with hot Texas chicks at SXSW as possible 🙂

  • I am keeping the phone number of a locksmith handy. Changing locks is quick and easy, apparently. 🙂

  • I am somewhat confused.

    Don’t you trust your husband?

    I’ve met Jed, and I would never hit on him. Aussie accent or not!

  • I trust my husband completely. It’s those Texan girls with the boobs and bumpits that I have issue with.

  • I am going with my boyfriend, so if we see your husband, we will take the picture and follow your directions.

  • thats AWESOME!!! btw, im a Texas girl with big boobs, and happen to think those bumpits are the most ridiculous things ever invented! i dont think you sound jealous in the slightest.

  • Awesome! Just what I need. I may need to start a Facebook Fan Page. This could be epic. He’s beginning to say he’ll take pictures of himself and win. I wonder if we can get him a tshirt that says “I’m Jed” with a picture of me on the back? That would help in identification.

  • Jo, I absolutely LOVED this post – very clever, funny, witty and directly honest. You write very well. Yep I know the ‘types’ you refer to… and yes, people DO notice and talk… if I was at SXSW I’d be snapping Jed left right and center and win the Comp for sure! But I am here, so will be observing the competition from afar and enjoying the fun. And we both know Jed wouldn’t go astray… he’s far too scared of you for that. And rightly so, sometimes so am I! But one thing I love about you is that you tell it like it is. LOL xo

  • PS. I love the idea of the Facebook Fan Page – you should definitely start one. And a T-shirt (several, different color for every day). And a big badge “I’m Jed. Please take my picture” He’ll have a blast!

  • Well, Dina. You Texan women are charming, bumpits or no bumpits. I have met a number of you, and heck I’d kiss you let alone my poor husband. He has little hope, I know. But I’m doing what I can. 🙂

  • People do notice and they talk. I know that you and I have had that conversation more than once, Miss Jules! I don’t think Jed’s scared of me. He rolls his eyes too much at me for that to be true. But I like thinking that sometimes you can see the thumbprint on his forehead. If the light’s right. 🙂

  • Lol! This post was hilarious!!! Thanks for the great read. I wish I was down in Texas so I could take a picture of Jed and of…these women you speak of. Hahah

  • This is hysterical! I may do this next time my husband goes to finance convention….

    Good luck!

  • The only ones I have, all come from @NickHodge (look at his stream on Twitter and you’ll see them). I’m thinking of doing a blog post with them all in it – but am swamped, as you know 😉 That’s the thing with sxsw – they’re all too drunk to worry about taking pictures and posting them, especially if they are dodgy 🙂

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