Mums and moms all hate laundry, even though we tweet about it

I’ve been asked why mom bloggers seem to have a fascination with laundry?

(What is the most polite way I can say this?)

Because it’s a pain in the arse. (There ya go. Actually, that was easier than I thought it would be.)

Just because we tweet/blog or otherwise about different detergents doesn’t mean we love laundry. (Exceptions are the psycho pretenders who say they love laundry because they’re getting a kick back, a la #gno. It’s not independent evaluation – and WE ALL KNOW IT. No woman is dancing in the laundry unless they’ve got a screw loose. Ha. I said screw.)

40kg of laundry at my place in Australia (5 loads). Yes, it gets sorted into smaller baskets for family members as it comes off the line.

We all have lives. Busy lives. And laundry and ironing get in the way. The good news, when it comes to ironing, is that modern tech is at your disposal. A variety of steam irons with different settings, steam delivery methods and materials which help make ironing fast and simple. Which is particulary good news if you have children whose school uniforms need ironing or need to press shirts for the office. It’s yet another ball we have to juggle because there’s nothing more annoying than a kid/husband complaining about the state of their clothes (no undies, ‘swamp rat smell’, odd socks missing, etc) while you’re racing around trying to make everything just work at the same time as dressing so your butt looks a bit smaller and that brown stuff on the wall is totally Nutella and not anything else.

I don’t have time to wash things twice. In fact, I don’t have time to check whether the detergent worked. I just expect it to. And damn it, when a detergent seems to not do a job and in fact just sets a stain instead of getting rid of it, it pisses me off. A lot. It drives me crazy, because I find out about it when I’m putting the clothing on again, after folding it and putting it away.

I don’t have time for this crap. (See? Three references to time in a row. This is a big deal.) Finding out there’s dirt marks still on clothing when I thought it was washed, drives me nuts. So I tell people. And so do all of us. It so happens my main method of communication with all my mom/mum pals is social media. And in social media, I’m loud.

We’re not fascinated with laundry, dear advertisers. We hate it. And we just want your stuff to work. That’s all.

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The impetus for this post?

Bloody hell, Sun. I thought I was going up a notch in buying your ‘All’ 3x concentrated laundry liquid. I think the damn stuff put MORE marks on the clothing than they had going in. They don’t even smell that good either. I hate you. I got a better wash out of the $2.50 cheapo Sun bleach powder stuff I got at Dollar Tree. I keep getting coupons for Tide (which is pricey even with a $1.50 off coupon), so maybe I’ll try that. I think I got a one-try sachet of Tide once and used it, but here’s a note – one time is not enough to really evaluate a laundry soap. I need at least three or four goes at it. So while I used it for one load, it wasn’t memorable enough for me to actually buy it, especially when the price point is so high. Do some freaking research. When we find a good laundry soap we stick with it. But it needs to freaking work. You might want to think about that. Or bite me. Your choice. I hate laundry. I just don’t have the TIME.


  • This inpsired me to go and put on a load of washing =P Now I’ll need something else to inspire me to go hang it out…

  • Love your post, and yes, I hate washing too (not as much as vacuuming, but it’s up there). I love that you put a piccie of the clothes line up, because most folk in the US of A would never have seen one.

    My beef with the laundry powder / liquid manufacturers is that they keep changing the smell, or consistency… and this 2x ultra crap is just that – crap!.

    I want to put a decent amount of laundry liquid in my wash because I do not believe a quarter cap of liquid, not matter how good it is, is going to do anything to my 7kg of washing.

    Finally, after about 1 year of not being able to find a decent smelling laundry liquid, after they all changed, I think I have found one. Now they will probably change it again 🙁

  • Jodie, darling! You just proved the point! We hate it! And yes, we talk about it… but only because we hate it so much we have to share the agonising journey. Kind of like childbirth and what some women do with that. So now laundry is like childbirth. At least you don’t have to pay for daycare and clothes don’t come home with stuff to stick on the fridge.

  • Awesome post! Laundry is the bane of my existence. The never ending cycle of clothes is very depressing. You have summed up laundry with your last comment “it’s kind of like childbirth”. The only problem with the laundry is that the pain of it never actually ends, where as childbirth does. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do your laundry after an epidural, but perhaps laundry would be much more palatable after some happy gas.
    Great tip on the laundry baskets, I’m heading out tomorrow to purchase 6 baskets for every member in my family. Excellent idea!

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