The reason I don’t have a food blog

I have a number of friends who have amazing, spectacular blogs about food. You should totally visit them. Louise Ross is an Aussie who lives in Boulder (and a dear pal). She runs Market to Mouth. She cooks amazing food, and keurig pods has a magical way of making you feel like you can do it too. Her blog is personal, and just plain friendly. (Apart from that, when Louise stepped in to look after the boys while Jed, Daz and I were pitching TribeVibe to VCs in Silicon Valley late last year, the boys were spoiled silly. They STILL talk about Louise and her amazing food.)

Taking pictures from behind is probably not a good idea. Noted.

The key to some other great food blogs is the brilliant use of photography. Indian Food Rocks and Use Real Butter are just two examples of blogs that feature such delicious images of food that you really need to put plastic over your keyboard to stop the saliva killing your laptop. Honestly, reading these blogs make me want to buy a better camera and learn to use it, as well as cook something that wasn’t pre-frozen.

Recently we all went out to dinner for Jed’s birthday, which was awesome. And I thought hey, I can take pics of us at dinner and kind of do some food-related post because my other Coloradan friends make it look so easy and totally amazing! How hard can it be? Like really?

Well, it didn’t turn out so well. And I decided to show you exactly why I’m not having a food blog.

Finger in the frame.

I’m blaming the family.

And the staging.

And I’m sure the food was at fault too, if it had been left on the plate long enough for me to actually blame it.


So back to writing about media and other inane stuff I go. And wishing I knew Photoshop at even a preliminary level so that this last picture of Charlie could have less Charlie and more milkshake. But I don’t think that will help me much either. I’d need to be Jan Kabili, who is like the Criss Angel of Photoshop (and is awesomely nice too).

Maybe a candy blog? Now THAT’s an idea…


  • I will totally do a food blog with you… we can call it “no trust us, it tasted better than it looks” šŸ™‚

  • I love it, Lucretia! I think we’d have an amazing amount of fun. We can do it in every fast food/restaurant place in America. Let’s start at Spago! xxx

  • Thanks Jo! Market to Mouth loves it when people say nice things about my food posts šŸ™‚ And I don’t know what you’re talking about; the birthday dinner pics are a dose of reality: kid 3 & kid 4 chowing down on Sunday’s & choccie pie, I mean that’s exactly as it is, or was!

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