Pictures my kids ruined

As a blogger, you need lots of good pics. Especially when using a theme that needs a really good one for the main feature (you don’t want a lack of a pic to be something that stops you posting).

I thought instead of just keeping all the pics I’ve rejected from intended posts, I’d actually make a post featuring those pics, so you can share the pain/humour.

Halloween 2008
This was our first Halloween in the US (ie our first real Halloween full stop). Jed was overseas, so it was just the boys and I. We caught the bus to Pearl Street, all dressed up and trick or treated. Harry was addicted to Chris Lilley’s (fantastic) We Can Be Heroes, featuring a character who flips the bird the whole time. He ruined the pictures. I found out after getting home and loading them. Double joy.
So, that was a post that didn’t get written. Harry even continued to do this through our first winter here. I think the effect was a little lost wearing ski gloves. But that didn’t stop him.

So then, like chickenpox a couple of years prior, this disgraceful habit spread to Charlie.

But thankfully, it didn’t last long. (ie I’d had enough and threw a barmy over this practice of ruining pictures.) So these days I get more decent, authentically ruined pictures to try and work with. They’re pictures you used to shove in a shoebox and ignore. They used to take up more than half a roll of film (and still do) but of course these days you don’t have to pay for them. And as a bonus, today I can make a little video featuring all of them, in their embarrassing glory. Thus, I bring you, the Family Fail.

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