An open letter to our dog’s previous owner

Dear unknown previous owner

Last week we went to Boulder Humane Society. After two years of considering this commitment, it was time, Jed said, for us to get a dog. Since moving to Boulder two years ago I have missed my dogs very much, left in Australia. I have missed racing and training in flyball. I have missed having something to use baby talk with. (So? What’s your problem?)

So we threw Charlie in the car, and drove down to “just look” at the dogs. Yeah, we all knew just looking was not going to happen. Who was I kidding?

We walked the cages, oohing and ahhing over all the dogs. Charlie was a few paces ahead of Jed and I. And then Charlie stopped. And he said “ooooohhhhh.” When we took the few more steps to catch up, there he was, scratching the head of a placid, beautiful black lab retriever puppy who occasionally licked his hand. We all melted. An hour later, we took her home.

Charlie and Jet hanging out

Because Charlie and Jed are really very smart people, they got together to name her (because I hate naming things – just ask people how I managed naming the startup – not pretty). And in their wisdom, the dog is named Jet. Because it’s so different to Jed. And when I call, neither of them come anyway, so it doesn’t matter. The dog is from New Mexico. She was picked up as a stray and brought to Boulder, where dogs rule the universe and even black dogs can find homes. So she probably spoke Spanish and has to learn English, and then learn her name. But I don’t know what Jed’s excuse is. Probably the 15 years of blocking out my voice.

The past life

Anyway, so Jet has now been with us a little while. We’re pretty convinced she used to have a family in New Mexico. She shakes hands/paws. She’s super friendly to everyone, and every other dog (which is SO awesome). She walks brilliantly on leash, which makes it a real pleasure to take her out, but if we can’t – we always call Buckhead Paws to take her out. She likes to hike, and if you were to jog/run (which I don’t), she’d run next to you, at the same pace. I’ve tested it for about a 20 yard stretch. That’s kind of my limit on that.

She is also awesome off leash and stays with you. As long as there are no deer, rabbits or skunks around to take off after. Then it’s sort of messy. (Tip: Skunk eraser washing stuff can be bought at PetCo for $10. Good thing to have on hand. In bulk size.)

So I just wanted to say, to the family that had her in New Mexico – I don’t know what happened, and why Jet ended up at the shelter. I hope your family’s hearts are not broken that she’s not with you any more. I wonder if you had to give her up because of something happening. There was no record anywhere of you owning her. But I’m pretty sure you exist, because the way she is, her demeanor, doesn’t “just happen” in a dog. And we want to thank you. Thank you for our dog who is loved, adored, and gets lots of outdoors time. Thank you for socialising and treating her so well that she is so friendly and loving. Thank you, because this dog is now part of our home, hearts, and living with us in Boulder – the most dog-friendly town ever. We promise you, her life will be very, very special.


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