The most popular posts of the blogosphere in 2010

Like many of us, I get tired of some (many, no… most) lists of “best”, “Top” or “most influential” bloggers, which are always seemingly pulled together from a very limited bunch, with no substantial formula behind them, and always featuring the same people. Yes, we know those bloggers are awesome, but heck with literally thousands and thousands of bloggers around the world, surely there are others we should be getting access to as well.

If it's wintery outside, best you check out some great posts instead.

So I decided to do something different. I’m offering a dynamically updated list of what YOU consider to be the best posts over the last year, and collecting links to them here so you can all click through and enjoy a digest version. This is not my version, it’s yours.

I’d love to include your recommendations. It’s simple:

a. Please tweet me or comment with *your own* most popular or favourite post from 2010, including a link. OR

b. Please tweet me or comment with the post from *another blogger* you most enjoyed in 2010.

I’ll keep adding to it daily as your links come in. I’d recommend adding these bloggers to your feed readers if they’re not there already, particularly as they are internationally represented! I’m listing them with the link to the post separated, in case you want to collect them yourself. Here’s to more fantastic blogging in 2011!

1. On Colorado Moms, the recipe for Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ got the most clicks

2. Her Bad Mother reminded us that parenting choices are luxuries – what an incredible experience Catherine had.

3. Fiona provided an Australian view of Halloween, with great pics and new traditions

4. Laura did a fantastic job of sharing how she got out of her Australian Vodafone contract, complete with step by step details of the experience.

5. Karen’s look at Australian politics as if it were a reality cooking show (Masterchef) is hilarious!

6. The wonderful Jo Townsend’s most popular post considered not falling into the Christmas over-spending trap.

7. Hartley Steiner shared her really funny 30 ways you know you have an SPD kid.

8. Suzan, along with others, was writing on the Reverb10 project when she responded to the Letting Go prompt, from the heart.

9. I guess I should include one of my own – my most visited post continues to be the top 10 classic movies you should watch with your kids.

10. The irreverent Nick Hodge explains social media in his fave post:

11. Annie at phdinparenting provided some great discussion foundation with her post about her decision to attend BlogHer even though Nestle came in as a sponsor


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