My new appreciation for Sydney commercial radio

Driving in Sydney traffic is unbearable. It’s the thing I miss least.

Jonesy and Amanda - morning radio at its best

But the hour plus trip to and from work in the car was made more bearable by Sydney radio. In particular, WSFM. In particular, breakfast radio with Jonesy and Amanda. It’s something I really do miss.

Today I began streaming Sydney’s WSFM on my computer. And I’ve downloaded the iPhone app too.

It’s like finding part of my identity which had been lost. That’s a pretty big deal. To think that listening to something not saved, but a dynamic sound which changes moment to moment can be part of your identity is amazing.

Basically – it’s Australian accents with irreverent Aussie banter, Australian ads (OMG Kimmy, get off your dad’s Crimsafe case!), with a big amount of 40 years of American pop music, littered with a smattering of Jimmy Barnes, Icehouse, Crowdies. It’s fantastic to listen to Jonesy and Amanda while hiking through the Colorado Rocky Mountains with your dog. And you know, kind of amazing that technology allows us to do it.

Yeah, it’s almost like being home.

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