Less Stepford, more Charlie Sheen #winning

It’s time to stop acting like life is always cute and cuddly. Some bloggers are walking advertisements for Stepford, but the best bloggers – the ones who you feel most connected to and passionate about – are the pre-robotic ones.

These are women who blog about topics they decide, because they want to – FOR THEM. They’re not out to impress you. They don’t want to make your day light and fluffy. They generally are thinking things through, or sharing an emotion or experience or frustration. They hit post quicker than you do. They get a little tipsy on twitter. They behave ‘badly’. They are diamonds with flaws, making them far more personal, and someone you can really feel for.

They’re not looking for your approval, but they appreciate your support.

If every woman began blogging like they lived in Stepford (and many already do!), then we become nothing more than a fabricated image that nobody believes or respects instead of a voice of authentic storytelling. I’m not sure where the line between responsibility and authenticity lies – and I’m certain I am far more conservative than I’d often like to be – but sometimes you just need to let it all hang out (or at least some of it), and be damned if readers see your flaws as you dangle them in front of their eyes. We need to accept and even embrace every part of ourselves, and understand that most people ‘get’ that you have less than perfect moments, thoughts, actions.

I fear that I’m often too cautious. I know I regularly think about what I ‘should’ do, say, talk about. The stuff I keep private even though I dearly want to share the pain and emotion of my indecisiveness.

Time to wear Charlie Sheen’s big boy undies for a bit.

No need to disclose because of not being paid - yet. But this twitpic could have been his first attempt to show potential advertisers how much reach he has.

Be damned if you use language the precious reader can’t deal with.

Be damned if you admit to ‘bad behavior’.

Be damned if you offend one or two people, out of the hundreds who exist on the internet (oh maybe there’s more than that?). Think you have no readers to worry about? Well, guess what? Two weeks ago, neither did Charlie. 🙂

Believe you’re amazing (Tiger blood!). Don’t regret the past (Those parties were AWESOME). Just write it and let the chips fall. Stop being so concerned about how your reader will accept it… who knows, you could end up like Charlie – the strange guy that everyone is talking about – EVERYONE – a living, breathing (albeit unemployed) meme. A guy who was famous and who rocked harder than Ashton Kutcher at a full-blown marketing strategy that was implemented fast and furiously – and took no prisoners.

You’ll note I’m definitely not going to jump on any ‘he’s obviously mentally ill’ bandwagons. Just because your rules, restrictions, behaviours are not accepting of the Sheen doesn’t mean its automatically in need of ‘treatment.’ In fact, I think what he’s doing is creative genius. The greatest part perhaps is that when his people and lawyers told him to stop talking to the press, he has now decided to just go directly to UStream this evening, and do his own show. Technically, he’s not going to the press. He’s BEING the press. Somehow I don’t think his lawyers will be impressed – but I am.


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