My first week of getting healthy? It’s going to take longer.

It’s been a week since I decided to get healthy, and I want to let you know how it’s all going. (You have to read to the end to see my weight loss.)

I got home Friday last week to an enormous box, filled with stacks of packaged food from Nutrisystem. What a shock to find out how easy everything was. I was honestly expecting lots of documentation and guidelines, but no. All the packets are colour coded. Blue is breakfast. Green is lunch. Red is dinner, and desserts are pink (which in itself is awesome). Plus, there are no combinations. That means you can have any breakfast, any day – even I can figure that out. There’s also a water bottle which I need to fill and drink twice a day. I’m a little taken aback by the massive instructions on the side, but living in Boulder (kind of the health capital of the USA) means people around me like that kind of thing. Most people carry water bottles with them, so I fit right in. My friend who does the same diet with me have also drug addiction, its even harder for her. But she said to me that if she fails then its time to go to one of the arizona substance abuse treatment centers, this is their california center.

People around me have been mainly supportive, interested and encouraging. My friend Kate laughs at the way I lick the packaging clean of the food I have now (it really is that good), and everyone likes to sniff and taste it… I’m like the cool kid at school with the new trend. (Yeah, that probably won’t last.)

I hiked with some friends last Saturday for a couple of hours. It was fabulous. More than an hour was uphill on the Blue Stem trail on Shanahan Ridge. We exercised our jaws too with all the talking, but we all loved it. Nothing feels as good as the hot shower after that good a hike, when you can taste the salt in the sweat… too much? Okay.

To balance that out, I’d like to admit that while I’d like to be able to ride my bike to uni a couple of days a week, that bike hasn’t been out for ages and with all the laptop, books, etc I drag around with me, I just don’t feel up to it yet. And hey, it’s the first week, so pfft.

What I’ve learned so far

I eat at the wrong times: I’m keeping my food diary, just noting what I eat and when. I’ve discovered that I eat breakfast at mid-morning, lunch mid-afternoon, and dinner around 10pm. Then I go to bed. So that has to be fixed.

Drinking the water makes me look better: My face looks brighter because of all the water I’m drinking. Surprisingly, I don’t slosh when I walk. (And I love my good friend Leslie even more, because she is already super healthy and has decided to up her water intake too, in solidarity with me. We sit in class together, slurping away. That’s what awesome looks like, people.)

I’m tired: I honestly thought I’d immediately sleep better, and have more energy the day I started doing this. Naive? Yep. I am still forcing myself to stay awake until 11.30 or midnight (I get up at 6), but I’m surprised that I’m tired. I’m going to do something about that. Like maybe go to bed a little earlier. That could work. (Doh!)

I really like prizes: I’m highly motivated by rewards, no matter how valuable others see them. There’s a bear you get for losing 10 pounds with Nutrisystem. I want the bear. I really, really want it.

So I’m pleased to report that I’m happy I managed so well with no alcohol this week, and stuck to my plan. I’m finding out more about what lifestyle changes I need to make, and understanding that the benefits will not happen overnight. So far, so great.

Oh, and I lost 4.6 pounds this week! Losing weight and feeling healthy do go together, but healthy living takes longer to kick into gear… and it’s the healthy living that will keep the weight off. I’m doing both!

Do you have questions for me about how I’m making this healthier change? Let me know in the comments below! What kinds of things would you like to see pictures/videos of? Got some tips to make this lifestyle adjustment easier? Let me know those too!

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is supplying my food and dietary support for four months in return for my honest reflections on the program. Do you live in the US or Canada, and want to join me and get healthy with Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting



  • Go you!! I did Nutrisystem after my 3rd baby and the weight MELTED off of me…. if you follow it you will be amazed at how it works. I’m actually in the process of trying to lose my own winter layer 😉 I’m down 5 lbs but I need to lost 20 more and I’m determined to do it and keep it off this time, the yoyo life is getting old!

  • GO YOU!!! That is wonderful! There are always tweaks we can make in our lifestyle that will help. Sleep is so important and so is water. You’ll be squeezing that bear before you know it!

  • I just came across your blog and got ingieturd with this post, so I went back and read a few of your posts on this, I just have to say you are such an inspiration! I am so glad I came across your site! Congrats on all the weight loss thus far and good luck continuing towards your goal! I am so inspired! I can’t wait to continue following your progress!

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