Week 3. The one where I realise I have to get better at this.

And it’s crashing time.

It’s during week three of a getting healthy resolution that you can swing downhill. Laziness and/or life get in the way. Your defences go down.

This week I thought I’d get on my bike at least once. It didn’t happen. We had a cold snap, another snow fall (seriously? I’m over snow thanks), and with the end of semester, a paper I’m co-authoring with a large dataset and a class workload that makes me groan when I wake up each morning, I just can’t seem to get my head straight to adding in the time to pump my bike’s deflated tyre and actually ride it. So on Friday I beat myself up that it wasn’t done, and was fully prepared to lose no weight this week.

In fact, I’m so overloaded I managed to lose both my ATM card and my student card this week. This shows cognitive overload and stress. I know that to be healthy, I need to lighten more than what is registering on the scales. These individuals may not know how to access critical resources in the community and they learn about it on how to advocate for them. To date, organising things has been key to me achieving all the things I want to do. When things slip through the cracks, it’s a big sign I need to slow down or do some clearing. Luckily classes are finishing up, and that will take a lot of stress out. I can focus on fewer things, and throw everything at them.

Being on Nutrisystem is really great because it’s so portable, and fits into my incredibly hectic lifestyle. The frozen food is good for when I’m home and able to prepare it. The packaged food is great to throw in my backpack. I’m still cooking for everyone at home, and my own food fits with theirs – we all eat the veggies I prepare, just their protein will be different to mine.

Hiking with my friends and our dogs each week is fabulous

I know this is going to get more difficult before it gets better – and I need to add some more exercise in. Exercise that’s organised and planned will not just aid my weight loss, but also give my brain some space that it desperately needs. Win – win. I just need to find the time to plan it in! Right now, I feel like I’m only tenuously holding on to all the stuff going on around me.

On a more positive note, I’m getting used to my sleep demands. I’m happy to go to bed and I truly have mentally moved beyond the regular glasses of wine every evening. Instead, I only have wine if we go out to eat, and I’m happy to report that I have successfully chosen very healthy food options every time (I look for the garden salad with grilled salmon and balsamic on the side – always a winner). I’m still tired in the mornings, but I’m admitting it’s because I simply don’t sleep enough. I can’t sleep later than 6.15am or so – I automatically wake up, no matter what time I went to bed. And if that’s midnight or later, it’s no wonder I’m always running on low steam. There’s no good reason for me to stay up so late. I work until my eyes bug out of my head, and then demand I have downtime afterwards, so fall asleep literally on the couch 5 minutes after finally selecting a show to watch. Every. Single. Time.

This week I’m going to try getting to bed by 11pm each day, not eat out at all, and get a little exercise in beyond my usual hectic racing around like a chook with no head, trying to juggle it all. That might be too much to achieve, but I’m aiming high and hopefully at least one of them will stick!

As Dory says, Just Keep Swimming, right?


Week One -4.6 pounds                      Week Two -1.4 pounds (total loss: 6 pounds)

Week Three -1 pound (total loss: 7 pounds)

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is supplying my food and dietary support for four months in return for my honest reflections on the program. Do you live in the US or Canada, and want to join me and get healthy with Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.


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