Week Six: A week on my own in Vancouver

I spent the majority of this week in Canada at the CHI Conference. This one was going to be the test. I’d done so well so far and in five weeks, lost over 10 pounds. I’d made an error and put my order for my Nutrisystem delivery in a little later than I needed to, so even though I was fully prepared to take the most portable versions in my luggage, I didn’t have them to take! No worries, I was told, you’ll do fine and we’ll be here for support if you need us. Ohhhhkay!

I really enjoyed the conference and learned some good “stay on target” tips while I was at it.

Traveling to a conference and staying on your food/exercise plan

1. Don’t think your general walking around will be enough of a reflec

Vancouver! (Where it rains A LOT)

tion of the exercise you do at home. A lot of what you do daily gets no recognition, but everything you do when you’re travelling gets focused on and you’ll probably think you’re exercising more than usual, but you’re not. I had intended to use the hotel gym equipment but I didn’t. Instead almost every evening I went out for a solid walk around Vancouver for a few hours every time, in different directions. I must have walked about 4 or more miles and being at sea level, I loved it. I can’t begin to tell you how different it is on your lungs! Additionally, my workshop on the first weekend was 2 miles from my hotel, and I walked back and forth from it six times in the first couple of days – great way to see some of the city. So, arm yourself with a map, put on your walking shoes and go!

2. Conference food: Think before approaching the tables. Look from a distance to see what selections are available, thinking ‘where are the fruit/vegetables?” instead of “ooh, look at the variety of bagels/muffins/cupcakes” – do NOT think, “what am I allowed to have.” Permission based dieting makes you feel like you want to break free and ‘spoil’ yourself.

3. Meals away from the conference: This was easier than I thought, but you get tired of the same old selection of grilled salmon and salad or nicoise salad with sauce on the side. Most of the time I was alone, so as Vancouver has a very high level of Asian influence, sushi was a great choice, as well as other very healthy options. The only iffy moments were when dining with others – a burger joint where the plain burger I chose gave me indigestion all afternoon (I’m just not used to bread and fat any more! Glad I walked it off that evening. Didn’t make that mistake again.) and a better outcome of dining with others from my lab, where I chose the same lunch a friend chose, simply because she makes healthy decisions. “I’ll have what she’s having” was easy to say (pop culture reference aside), didn’t interrupt the conversation, and didn’t need me to focus too heavily on a menu I was having difficulty making a selection from.

4. Move away: While others tend to mill around the food areas, get your own food, and move right away from the food tables. The further, the better. On most occasions I went back into a breakout room to power up my laptop. This means you’re not chatting while eating, and are focusing on what you’re doing. It also meant I had power and internet access when not many others were using the network!

5. Drink your water: This was the one thing I failed on, and maybe it was because I thought it would be the one thing that would be effortless. I have no trouble drinking my water at home, because I’m in a routine  and know where the closest bathrooms are, etc (sorry, after four kids my pelvic floor…. well. Sorry again. TMI.) Anyway, make sure you’re always armed with a water bottle, and go for a glass of water at every break time. It makes a solid difference.


So I’m learning well! Obviously the portion sizes and learnings on what is good to eat versus what’s available on a menu is sinking in. I lost an additional pound!

Week One -4.6 pounds                      Week Two -1.4 pounds (total loss: 6 pounds)

Week Three -1 pound (total loss: 7 pounds) Week 4 -.6 pounds (total loss: 7.6 pounds) Week 5 -3 pounds (total loss: 10.6 pounds)

Week 6 – 1 pound (total loss: 11.6 pounds)

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is supplying my food and dietary support for four months in return for my honest reflections on the program. Do you live in the US or Canada, and want to join me and get healthy with Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.



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