Week 8: Lettuce is not a cup for mayo. Who knew?

The warmer weather has finally started to kick in here in beautiful Colorado, tempting me to reach into the back of my closet to those clothes that were like glad wrap around a sausage last season.

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Oh come on, you know what it’s like. You have a closet full of clothes, and really only wear about 20% of them. Because there’s something wrong with the others. They don’t fit properly any more. We shove them back in the closet because somehow we kind of think that next time we pull them out, they’ll magically fit and look as good as you remembered. They never do. And instead of fitting back into them, we end up having to buy new clothes. One size up every few seasons, with more and more clothes shoved to the back of the closet.

That’s no way to feel good about yourself. Sigh.


This week, the magic actually happened. I’m not going to be buying new clothes this season. I’ll be discovering the ones I haven’t been able to wear instead.

I have four pair of black jeans. None of them are great. All of them once upon a time were really good. But one by one these pairs of jeans were relegated to the back of my wardrobe, simply because they began to look bad on me, or I couldn’t do them up, or they had lumps where there shouldn’t be lumps…whatever. I also have some brown cord jeans which I used to love.

I remember being shocked at the size jeans these were when my pal Kellie and I bought them for me. I've been reliving it.

So this week I nervously grabbed the brown cords. I was really happy that they fit again. That is, until I ran to catch the bus and nearly had the jeans end up around my ankles! Oh no! So the next day I tried on some black jeans I literally have not worn for more than a year. Wow. Just wow. Effortlessly, they went on. They were not skin tight. They looked okay.

This morning I had to throw out a skirt because the elastic in the waist had died, and now there’s no tummy to hold the darned thing up. Whoops.

It took me eight weeks to get to this point. I’m beginning to blend in. That’s what I wanted eight weeks ago. It’s what I’ve wanted for a long time. It’s been so great, I can’t believe I waited so long to do this. I am never hungry. Seriously. I am eating well, living well, and sleeping well. For the first time in forever, I know I can continue to do this.

Five things I now know:

1. Lettuce is not a cup for mayo.

2. Vegetables are not a garnish, or a side dish. They are the foundation of what you put on your plate.

3. Food can taste really, really good if you slow down long enough to enjoy it.

4. Quite often you’re not hungry, you’re actually thirsty – and if you drink all the water you should then your brain won’t get the wrong message.

5. Nutrisystem food is not diet food. It’s actually just the base of your meal – you add your vegetables, fruits, dairy… so that you’re building meals that show you the portion size you should be eating, and you can continue doing it forever, *especially* when the weight loss part comes to an end.


I’m still working towards a paper deadline, so while the weather is warming up, and the days are spectacularly long, I’m still hunkered down with stacks of data. I do get out for a walk with the dog once a day, and am trying to keep my water intake up. Mother nature did her darndest this week to throw a stick in my spokes, but win she did not and I’ll be happy with the .8 pound loss I had. No doubt it will be better next week, so I’ll claim the extra then. I’m patient. (Really – look at how long I waited to do this!)

Week One -4.6 pounds

Week Two -1.4 pounds (total loss: 6 pounds)

Week Three -1 pound (total loss: 7 pounds)

Week Four -.6 pounds (total loss: 7.6 pounds)

Week Five -3 pounds (total loss: 10.6 pounds)

Week Six – 1 pound (total loss: 11.6 pounds)

Week Seven -3.6 pounds (total loss: 15.2 pounds)

Week Eight -.8 pounds (total loss: 16 pounds)

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is supplying my food and dietary support for four months in return for my honest reflections on the program. Do you live in the US or Canada, and want to join me and get healthy with Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.



  • I think once upon a time I knew that sensation I was feeling was usually thirst and not hunger. Somewhere along the way I forgot that and just started shoving food in my face all the time. But lately with some focus and intention I have figured out the difference between hunger and thirst again and I am loving it.

    Way to go Jo! You’re an inspiration!

  • Jo, Jo, Jo – what on earth are you doing with elasticated skirts??? OMG woman – you do need to go shopping, if only for some key pieces that do up. Things can always be adjusted but please no more elastic. You’re not 6 months old, nor a Grandma in a retirement village.

    But – so incredibly pleased with your continued results. Keep up the good work and the Blog. I’ve got friends across Australia following you now. xx

  • Okay Kerryn, so I went out shopping because you said so. And I now own some new black jeans (I must have black jeans on the brain) – in a Size 12! And thanks for the referrals, I’ll be very happy to have some more Aussie readers – I have some big plans for mediamum 🙂 Can’t wait to see you!

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