Week 10: Lots of shiny things

My apologies to those who believe a blog post should be on one topic, all the way through. This one goes all over the place. But it’s like a conversation with me. So you’re probably used to it. And on with the shiny things that I’m thinking about…

The reason a plateau is called a plateau (other than the fact it’s fun to type), is because it stays that way for a while. What’s impressive about my plateau is that it remained completely, utterly the same. All week. My scales measure in two ounce increments, which is teeny tiny. And guess what? The numbers did not move all week. Always exactly the same. I think that’s pretty impressive for technology. Also, the measurements did not change one iota. Pretty impressive for old-school tape measure technology.

Meanwhile I hiked, I scrubbed half of the house, I caught up with friends I haven’t seen in ages because of paper writing. I was very social this week, and managed it really well.

But the key here is the scales did not go up. They stayed exactly the same. I like to think that my body is kind of adjusting to be a new weight, and is taking a little time to explore what that means before it loses more. That’s cool. I went and bought size 12 jeans. I’m still enjoying the fact I can put them on without breathing in. That’s going to take some getting used to as well.

I’m beginning to think about getting my bike out. I’m thinking that I might get into the swimming pool instead of languishing next to it with a drink in my hand. I’m thinking I might once again ski next winter. It’s funny how when you lose some of your body weight, it encourages you to think about taking on more physical activity. I doesn’t happen the other way around. I’ve heard thin people say “Just get more active, you’ll lose weight no problem.” Well fine, Miss 110 Pounds. Why don’t you go pick up 40 pounds of potatoes, carry them around with you all day, and see how much you feel like being “more active.”

As for me, while the scales stay the same I’m just going to make sure I drink all my water every day this week, and enjoy this beautiful weather even more by being outside a little. I want to vlog more, and that involves being outside, so I’m sure the scales will be ready to move downwards again by Friday.Β 

Meanwhile, for those who are eating salads and missing their creamy ranch dressings, I discovered the Wishbone Spritzer dressing range this week. They’re only 2 calories a squirt, and instead of sitting down with a bowl of carrots and ranch dip you can just spritz up the carrots with this dressing and it’s just as good! I had a coupon and got my first one for just 60 cents, although they seem to retail around the $3 mark usually. (This is not an ad – it’s just real. I just happened across it in the supermarket.)

One of the best things about Nutrisystem food is the range of chocolate. And it’s really good chocolate. With the warmer weather I like to keep the chocolate in the freezer – it makes everything last a little longer. My pal Elisabeth joked this week that when we used to hike I’d never take water with me, but now I’m never anywhere without my water bottle. What a difference!

And, I had a hair cut. I’m going shorter and shorter with my hair. I feel great having really short hair. I was holding off for a while because I used to think that a cute haircut is wasted on me when all it does is give you less security to hide behind. Hair can be such a great curtain. You need some good confidence to rock a short hair cut. Cutting my hair right back is so much easier to manage, and everyone is saying how much younger it is making me look. Well, I know it’s not just the hair – I am definitely looking younger now that I’ve lost weight, and I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror and pull my face with my fingers trying to get rid of the (perhaps imaginary) sagging. I feel good having the shorter hair and a body that doesn’t look unhealthy, and it really shows in my face. I am healthier and I feel healthier.


So what if you didn’t move this week, scales? You are likely to next week, and meanwhile I’ll just keep rocking. And maybe I’ll be able to stay with one train of thought for longer than a paragraph. Maybe.

Week One -4.6 pounds

Week Two -1.4 pounds (total loss: 6 pounds)

Week Three -1 pound (total loss: 7 pounds)

Week Four -.6 pounds (total loss: 7.6 pounds)

Week Five -3 pounds (total loss: 10.6 pounds)

Week Six – 1 pound (total loss: 11.6 pounds)

Week Seven -3.6 pounds (total loss: 15.2 pounds)

Week Eight -.8 pounds (total loss: 16 pounds)

Week Nine -.2 pounds (total loss: 16.2 pounds)

Week 10 -0.0 pounds (total loss: 16.2 pounds)

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is supplying my food and dietary support for four months in return for my honest reflections on the program. Do you live in the US or Canada, and want to join me and get healthy with Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visitingΒ http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.


  • You have a great attitude about your plateau. So many people freak out when they don’t see the numbers change. But it’s natural and will happen to everyone. Just keep truckin’. πŸ˜‰

  • Wait… Now there are rules to blogging? πŸ˜‰

    Congrats my friend! You are inspiring for both your dietary journey and your intelligence! (although at the moment I’d kill to be at your plateau and even sacrifice a few IQ points in return!)

    Wish I knew about the ranch spritzer before today – just started a major change myself, but it’s more about anti-inflammatory of the joint nature (gluten-free, nitrate-free, HFCS free and a few others…sigh. How will I live without bacon? :/)

    But thank you so much for chronicling this journey. 4 months though? Sheesh, at the height of my blogginess, I couldn’t get them to even reply to me about a discount for one month! lol… You go girl.

  • Thanks Trisha. I like to weigh myself every day even though I know others don’t do that. It kind of made it easier to understand that I wasn’t losing anything last week. It wasn’t a shock. More than that, it was kind of okay. I’ve still lost heaps so far, and am looking forward to hitting the 20 pounds lost mark and getting my hands on that purple bear!

  • Thanks Lucretia! I’m loving it. I love seeing people I haven’t seen for ages, and they kind of look at me strangely for a second and then we just chat away. It’s like they’re noticing something different but can’t quite put their finger on it. WE know what it is. πŸ˜‰ I think that the Nutrisystem food is amazing. I really, for the first time ever, don’t feel like I’m depriving myself to be eating this way. It’s so not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s awesome!

  • Thanks Connie and Jenny! I really think it’s going brilliantly. I am in fact wearing sleeveless tops! I just won’t erase the whiteboard yet (female teachers understand this – the batwing thing is disheartening). Never mind. One day I WILL have arms like Sarah Connor’s in the Terminator movies.

  • That’s awesome! 16.2lbs is nothing to scoff at and I just cut my hair short too, so am all for it! That had to be worth at least .2lbs, don’t you think? πŸ™‚ I will totally try the spritzers – I didn’t realize they came in ranch. I have tried the balsamic ones and they are pretty darn good – but frankly salad dressing is the least of my diet concerns – cutting out Taco Bell? Now that would help! πŸ™‚

  • You do look awesome, Jo! And, I’m pretty sure you don’t have batwings either. Keep it up and thanks for the spritzer tip! Gonna try it!

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