Finding cash: Pennies from heaven, or a moral dilemma?

Most of us have lost and found money at some stage, in various amounts. In today’s world where plastic money is far more prevalent than any other, you might carry far less cash with you – and if you find a credit card on the ground, it doesn’t have the same effect as finding cash. Few of us would pick up a credit card and think “jackpot”.

However, finding unattended cash is entirely different. Cash doesn’t obviously belong to someone. If you ask around “is this yours?” I’m sure numerous claimants could be found in a very short period of time – or am I assuming that?

So what do you do when you find cash on the ground?

Find a penny, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck.

Does the amount matter? Of course, if it’s a penny, most of us just leave it there on the ground. If it’s anything up to a $10 bill, you’re probably going to look around briefly, and then pocket it. But what if you found a $100 bill? What then?

The other day I found a $100 bill on the ground. I really did. I didn’t know what to do!

I sent messages to friends asking what I should do. I truly had no really obvious leanings towards one path or another. All I could think of was that if I had lost $100 I’d be distraught, and what an incredible amount of money it was.

An hour later, my situation was resolved as the owner became apparent, and so the money was no longer going to sit there, accusing me… of finding it.

What would you have done?


  • oh, this is a tough one! I probably wouldn’t feel right hitting up a store with my new found cashola. So if it went unclaimed, I might donate it…

  • I think I would have Hung on to it nd kept mum for a bit to see if anyone seemed to be the original owner. I’d be worried that someone dishonest would yry to claim it if I broadcast that I had found that kind of money.

  • If I’m being honest, I think I’d just feel lucky and pocket it (of course, being on the lookout for someone searching for it) and know that it all evens out in the end.

    Very cool thing to find! I bet the person was very grateful that YOU found the bill.

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