Back on the wagon – the healthy one

Annnnd… we’re back. Back in the USA. Where the time is freaky, the accent even more so, and the lifestyle, in Boulder – amazing.

I was lovely and healthy in so many ways while I was in Australia for seven weeks over the summer. Nutrisystem sent me with tools that helped me, without much effort, to stay on my healthy food, healthy lifestyle concentration. While some of those tools were physical, the best part of them were intangible. It is tempting to try pre-workout supplements before hitting the gym in hopes of increasing your energy and endurance. I have learned good habits, and they came pretty naturally. The only thing that changed was my water intake. Oh, and my intake of chocolate coated licorice bullets – which you can’t get in the USA, but oh my, I must have had four packs of them in Australia – far outweighing anything else I (cheated with) ate.

And while Nutrisystem sent me with great tools – they weren’t the crutch I thought they’d need to be. That’s important. You learn stuff with Nutrisystem that you don’t learn anywhere else. Believe me, I know, after three goes with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and the rest… Nutrisystem is sticking. I make better choices, and it’s not “I’m on a diet, I have to deprive myself and congratulate myself afterwards for managing to make that decision.” Nope. I actually fill my plate with salad because I love it. And I love the dessert afterwards. But at breakfast I’ll choose fruit because it tastes really good, not because “I should.”

Life is good. I came back to America without having:

a. “Watched” my diet while overseas beyond thinking I should take care of myself. (Understand this: I never wanted to ‘deprive’ myself of anything I wanted.)

b. Weighed myself at all. Whereas in the USA I weigh myself every day. Yep, every day.

c. Thought about losing weight – more about being healthy.

And so, after seven weeks of not weighing myself at all after daily weigh-ins? I was a bit nervous. More than a bit. But I got up the courage and guess what? I had put on only 3 pounds. Yep, THREE. As my pal Candice said, “that’s probably fluid” – and after a week back, I’ve lost most of it. So she’s right. Go CANDICE!

Part of my head said “MIRACLE”. Another part said “VALIDATION” – this Nutrisystem really works. I’m actually making better choices, and the weight will stay off even when I’m done.

Yep, even when I’m done. You’ve heard people say, “this is the last diet I’ll ever do?” Well, look at Subway’s guy, Jared – who’s put on stacks of weight – we’ve all been on the weight loss roller coaster.

So I’m determined to get the rest of these pounds off over the next semester and be showing you the new Jo as we work our way towards Christmas – a time where I will damned well eat Chrissy dinner and treats, and not feel guilty or bad, and be a weight which I won’t lie about to the guy who does the ski rental.

I’m back on Nutrisystem food. I’m back on the program – and trying to drink more water, get used to the altitude, and exercise a little more in this heavenly place I get to call home.

And that’s awesome. Thanks Nutrisystem. And thanks me. And thanks MUM, who we ate dinner with almost every night while I was in Sydney.

I – truly – love youse all.


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