Sydney IVF’s powerful birth story rebranding campaign resonates with women

IVF is a topic that most people are lucky enough not to have to encounter. You know what it is, but not the details of it, and hopefully you’ll never have to experience what emotions and physical invasions are involved in it.

It’s easy to say you have a view on IVF if you’ve never had to use it. I’m a lucky, lucky woman. I never had any problems at all with fertility, but my story is one which others don’t share. Many women go through agony in having children. Pregnancy and birth can be harsh and unfeeling reminders of the cruel truth that nature has no understanding of what is fair.

And that’s why IVF exists. It’s not something that can be advertised with coke ad sing song voices. The market is one which doesn’t celebrate needing the service, yet has a very real and deep emotional connection to it at the same time.

And like all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting – it’s complicated.

So when Sydney IVF began its new campaign to rebrand to Genea, the brief would have been complex and challenging. The below ad is the result. I have friends behind the scenes, who tell me that this is a very real birth, recorded with real people at every step. The website also features images that are real people, real births – and they’re absolutely beautiful. I love the ad, and Charlie (my 11 year old) thought it was “better than all the other crappy ads” – so that’s a pretty cool recommendation. I really also love the way a natural birth is connected to IVF. Because it’s about women, families and the powerful connection between successfully birthing a child and empowering ourselves to believe we can do it – and ultimately, I think that’s what IVF seeks to offer women who have had challenges in getting there.

What do you think?

*Images used in this story are directly from the website.

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