Move beyond watching screens at the gym this Fall

Four years ago I lived in Sydney, and throughout the warmer months I would walk three kilometres around the golf course in the middle of our suburb. I thought that was picturesque – and for suburban Sydney, it was. I also joined the gym there for a while, and used the equipment while watching tv shows on screens above my head.

I did a little of that here as well, but fell off the wagon – it’s tough to use the university gymnasium that’s full of 18 to 22 year old gorgeous healthy people when you’re 40 something, and could fit two of them into one pair of your gym pants. Ahem. I have, however got to a point where I know that exercise will increase and consolidate my weight loss and fitness level, and tone everything up a bit (except the boobs – exercise doesn’t do boobs). I thought I would for sure need to get at home workout gear since I felt shy about going outside, but actually, I feel more like getting out there and doing it!

It can be tough living in one of the fittest, healthiest towns in the USA. Most people are enjoying the outdoors, exercising all the time – and want to have you join them. It’s like living with Michael Phelps or Ian Thorpe and having them invite you to go swimming with them, when you’ve only learned to swim this month. It can be tough and as a result, I haven’t really gotten into the biking thing, or any of the other usual Boulder fit lifestyle stuff.

Now that I’m 22.2 pounds down, largely thanks to Nutrisystem, I’m enjoying being outdoors a lot. And I’m not even threatened by the uber fit locals any more. Instead I’ve discovered hiking. I have gone from taking Jet on our daily 50 minute on-leash walk around the lake to instead taking on one of our favourite trails here in the foothills of the Rockies. I went from walking less than a mile a day and a few more on saturdays to this week discovering I like to hike for four miles most days of the week, with Jet off leash and loving it every bit as much as I do.

The weight is coming off more slowly (it’s been more than a week for 2.2 pounds to come off), but the inches are still moving rapidly. I measured today, and have lost seven inches off my waist since I started. Seven! I’m wearing nice clothes, and need to buy some new underwear. (I won’t give too much detail on that… for a change.)

I went and picked up two 10lb bags of potatoes at the supermarket, gave them to Charlie to hold, and told him that I’ve lost all that weight. We were astounded. But I also understand that it’s not surprising that I was reluctant to exercise when I was carrying around that extra 20lb. It’s kind of like how you felt when you were 9 months pregnant – but without the pregnancy.

It’s really nice to have lost enough weight that people have been commenting frequently, and also the questions have begun asking how much more am I intending to lose? To be honest, I would love to lose another 20lb – but even another 10lb would be fantastic. As it is, I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn for years – and absolutely loving my lifestyle.

I thought I’d share some pictures of my hike today with you – why on earth would I join a gym and watch tv while I exercise when I can just do this?

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