Nintendo Wii Play Motion – Games beyond machine guns

I’m a Wii fan. Just putting that out there. While my years as a game magazine editor in Australia have long passed, Nintendo has always been a reliable, solid company with technology that truly is family friendly.

Having three boys in the house, aged 11 to 17, usually means the video games are focused around zombies, death, destruction – or loud slash guitar playing. All of these have their place, but good grief, while I’m often tempted to grab a guitar and join in on one of the music games, I’m sorry to say that none of the zombie/killing-fests take my fancy. There´s only one game that I actually got into and that is Overwatch, I got pretty good and found out that you can go to this website for Overwatch boosting to help level your character up.

However, the Wii is always something that I can not only play, but that I have fun at, and which I can whip the kids at. Sometimes. I love the yoga on the Wii Fit Plus, and the kids love to play Mario Kart. We all like to bowl. It’s rare to have a piece of technology that meets the fun requirements of everyone.

In fact, when I stood on the Wii Fit Plus this week Jed was first in with a comment: “Oh wow, thanks to your Nutrisystem the Wii says you’re only just overweight instead of obese!” Yeah, he’s a real keeper.

I digress: When Nintendo asked me to have a Wii Play Motion party afternoon, play the game with some friends and supply us all with all the ice cream any group of manic game players could possibly want, I thought abso-freaking-lutely!

The Wii Play Motion game includes 12 mini games, and from 1 to 4 players can get into the action at a time, depending on the game. The boys tested it all out, pre-party. Some pretty big scores were achieved, but when the crowd arrived the yelling and laughing really hit the big time. I don’t think the neighbors were very impressed (thank goodness it was the middle of the afternoon and not an evening) – I was hoarse by the end of the day, and that takes some doing.

As expected every age group had a good time, and nobody reneged on actually giving the game a go. That’s pretty cool – that a 17 year old is just as willing to play it as an 11 year old, and some over-40s too. Nintendo’s sending of stacks of Cold Stone ice cream and various toppings had all the kids in heaven – sugar rushed, adrenaline pumped, loud heaven.

We even had a competition in the ice cream game to see who could get the highest stack of scoops. The final winner was Sage with 84 scoops. The screaming became louder and louder the higher the tower went. Sage was very happy with his prize – a copy of the Wii Play Motion game and controller to go with it.

My next thought is to get hold of one of the dancing games – it will fit really well with my new and improved fitness levels, and coming into winter it could be a good fun way to help keep fit instead of relying on my Wii Fit Plus. Total score. Great fun, shared with friends. I reckon it was extremely cool. That said, I’m still trying to beat the 84 scoop high score a week later.

Disclosure: Nintendo generously provided me with the Wii Play Motion game, controllers and food supplies for the party. We already own a Wii.


  • Great review! I agree that it is rare to find a game that kids and adults (I won’t disclose ages) 🙂 all enjoy! We had moms only at my party, but plan to do it again and invite husbands and kids too. Plus the ice cream was wonderful!

    Btw – I can totally relate to the Mii on Wii Fit that blows up when I stand on the scale. ACK! Seriously? They have to give a visual of how overweight I am? Big sigh…

  • Oh the Mii changes size? I didn’t notice. (I wasn’t really too far into the overweight part. Yay!) It did say I was four years older than I am though. Working on getting that down.

  • This is nice… It’s hard to find good games nowadays that fits both adults and children.

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