Well played QANTAS, but you still suck. #QANTASluxury twitter un/fail.

Tonight QANTAS decided it was time to turn things around. The world’s leading safety airline (we’ve never crashed, mum!) is moving onward to try and get Aussies back on board, trusting the airline to be as true blue as ever. The company decided to launch a little twitter comp, with the requirement being to tweet what would make your inflight experience the most luxurious ever, with #QANTASluxury in the tweet.

Floodgates. Open.

What fun was had with that prompt. While some tried to identify ulterior, sinister motives, others just had freaking fun with the competition invitation. After all, the prize was a pair of pyjamas and an inflight pack. Big freaking deal, even if it is from first class and only worth $30. Who cares? The prize was totally not the point. QANTAS got that. Kudos.

The fact is, the competition got a massive number of people tweeting humorous messages taking the piss out of Qantas – exactly what they wanted.

Yeah, I said it. The company wanted you to take the piss out of them. To release your steam. To really, freaking vent.

Instead of being irate at them, people were starting to laugh at the Qantas stupidity – thinking at first it was a total social media fail, and extending it to the Alan Joyce stuff. The grounding of the fleet. The fights with the union. Suddenly it becomes a laughing stock instead of the serious issue it actually is.

Nicely played, QANTAS.

People now are beginning to feel sorry for you. Seriously. I saw it with my own eyes. I contributed to it. Nicely freaking played, you corporate maniac. My marketing roots respect you. However, I still don’t.

PS: I still don’t trust you to get me to my family. You really stuffed up. Even if their seats, food and entertainment is not as good as yours, I still will now buy on best deal and just suck it up for the bloody 16 hour long haul flight both ways I make. I used to have arguments with people in order to fly you in the past, over your competition, if your price was just a little higher. I won’t slug it out any more. You’ve lost my loyalty. And no social media ‘good time’ crapola will change it. The fact is, QANTAS, I can’t trust you. You will screw me over in order to screw over your workers and you don’t care how much I paid for a ticket, or how important my trip is. I’m sorry you didn’t value our relationship as much as I did.

From a marketer’s perspective, while many will have their anger turned to pity over your ‘fail’ and will have their animosity towards your brand lessened to the point of actually listening to your next message – I still think you suck.

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