Introducing Ian Fixit – Australia’s DIY answer to Tim the Toolman

Some people just have a knack at DIY. Some don’t. And some think they’ll give it a bash even though they’ve never actually successfully accomplished any DIY project before. That’s where our new Mediamum contributor, Ian Fixit, comes in. Ian is the Aussie King of DYI (do yourself in) – his special version of DIY.

Ian’s DIY experience is full of great how-to lessons for us all. How about how-to DIY the paint job on the front fence which Ian undertook and in his slap-dashery managed to get paint splatters on his car, parked in the garage 8m away.

Ian admits he has only two contributing factors to his outstanding abilities. He says:

a. Firstly I lack planning, patience, and discipline. (OK, that might be 3 things.)

b. Secondly I haven’t got “that” tradesman knack of doing things. I’m a ten-thumbs bloke.

Ian’ll be sharing tips and tricks for your own projects around the house, as well as sharing some of his own upcoming jobs he’s going to have a go at (unless his wife stops him), such as re-rendering part of the house, and staining the deck.

So Ian would love to help you with any problems or DIY projects around the place. Send an email to [email protected] or use the blog contact form with your job, and a picture (of you, your job, your tools… anything relevant. Or chocolate. Chocolate’s always a winner. Maybe if you have chocolate tools, that could be even better.). Ian will choose one a week to provide his own special brand of DIY advice on, and it will be published right here on Mediamum. Oh, and while you might not end up with a successful ending, you will get a laugh and a lovely Australiana momento (such as a keyring) sent to you as a thank you.

Ian says:
Why pay horrendous amounts of hard earned dollars to have a carpenter, plumber, roof tiler, or other “tradie” visit your place when with my help, you’ll save a packet and be the envy of your neighbours, friends, and family? I can even let you know about  Gutter Repair: The signs you can’t escape it any more, and how you can fix it.

Okay, my techniques might not be out of a textbook. And I don’t mind taking a few shortcuts even at the expense of putting the end product into disrepair. Sure, my wife shivers when she sees me using anything sharp or powered by electricity, but I’m keen to get in and have a good old amateur shot at it.

Some come on! Share your DYI jobs with me and see if I can give you my slant on how best to approach them. And be sure to take those all important before and after photos with me. A picture tells a thousand words.

Disclaimer:  Ian is not a professional tradesman and carries no qualifications in this field.  Ian’s tips are not to be taken as good advice and Ian holds no responsibility to the outcome of any work undertaken using his suggestions. If you do choose to take Ian’s advice, be prepared. You’ll be needing Ian’s further advice on how to fix the newly presented problem. It’s referred to as the Fixit Snowball Effect.


  • Hi Ian, I have a question about retaining walls. I live in Sydney and was wondering if I am able to build a 3.8 metre high wall with no engineering drawings or do I need an engineer? I have a great builder who tells me I don’t. What do you recommend. We also Have a cascading water fall. I would really like to keep it.. Do my neighbours have to pay half?.

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