The one where the PR asked “What bra size are you?” and gave me wine

Most of us have been fitted for a bra at one time or another. And let’s face it, most of us have been a little traumatised by the experience. When you’re a teen in bloom you get some spinsterish nightmare who seems to think a 16th century slingshot is an appropriate first bra, but then when you get older and gravity, children and life laughingly makes your boobs relocate to the region of your body previously only occupied by your belly button you end up getting fitted by a flat-chested 5th grade child apparently on her lunch hour working in a store we’ll call ‘the Secret’ whose range of bras look like thongs and have even less support.

Most of us put up with a bra that doesn’t quite cut us in two and cause indigestion after lunch, and just be sure to never run for the bus so we don’t do ourselves an injury.

Thanks Tracy, I'll just take these with me, okay?

The whole love/hate our boobs thing has spawned a few posts for me in the past, so when Wacoal invited me to be fitted in Denver this week, I decided it was a good opportunity. Plus it was cool/weird having to send (what I thought was) my bra size to a PR woman in an email. And there was wine. So there you go.

I never expected to really find out the mysteries of whether your bra really fits or not.

But I did. And I’m going to tell you in an unofficial way, because it’s awesome.

First, put your hand at the base of the front of your bra. (Unless you’re on a train and prudish, then wait until you’re somewhere less public). If the bottom of the bra (underwires if you have them) is not flush against your chest wall, then the band size of the bra is too big. You need a smaller one. Many women buy a bra that’s too big, thinking that the cups are only big enough if they get that size. You need a smaller band, and probably a larger cup size.

Tracy from Wacoal directed me as I fiddled with my boobs for a few minutes, and we both laughed a lot (not my usual idea of a fitting! Tracy is fantastic). She loved the way I scoop the girls into my bra upside down (she says not enough people do that!) – and she also taught me to position the girls in their bra cocoons so that the nipple is nicely centered. When you do that, the bra fits the way it’s made to.

Think you already know this? It was amazing that of all my bloggy mama friends who also went along, only one was wearing the right size bra. One.

So now I am going to throw out all my bras (which are all the wrong size, and suddenly appear to have become incredibly uncomfortable now that I have worn the size that actually really fits). Wacoal even makes a strapless in my ‘new’ (actual) size, so I’ll be trying that one out. I’ve never worn a strapless bra. Ever.

To top it off, sharing my real cup size with my husband made his eyes bug out. He may even have drooled a little bit.

Men are pretty darned easy to impress.


  • 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong sized bra
  • A woman should be fitted once a year
  • If you gain 5 – 7 lbs, your bra size will change
  • It only takes 15 minutes to be fitted for a bra
  • Most women wear their bras 1 – 1 ½ inches too big in the band and 1 cup size too small
  • The average woman has 27 bras in her lingerie drawer but wears the same 2 bras repeatedly

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