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I am a massive fan of ย Craftsy and I am very excited to be able to give one of Mediamum’s readers an opportunity to WIN a Craftsy class of their choice! There’s a stack of classes to choose from, and once you purchase a class, it’s yours forever. Yep, you can go back and revise it or take it as slowly as you like. There’s a brand new iPad app too, so you can’t get much more mobile than having the skills taught wherever you want to! I am so excited to kick off the Mediamum WIN section with this fantastic opportunity – and even better, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, everyone can enter.

What’s great about Craftsy? It’s a Denver-based startup, focused on an area of education that services those of us with little time but big wishes. If you’ve ever said “Oh, I’d love to get into scrapbooking/quilting/knitting/any other craft, but I don’t have time/the kids/the job/the house/ the husband need my attention/ I’m nowhere near good enough to do well in a classroom. One day I’ll do it.” Then Craftsy is absolutely the solution.

Mothers tend to put themselves last. We know we deserve to take time out, but we’re just. too. tired.ย We need a class to be available when we are, at a moment’s notice sometimes, middle of the day, night, or at 6am before the kids get up. Nobody has anything like that, right? Until now.

Craftsy has a whole range of classes priced from FREE right through to $49.99 – and there are always special offers too. Every instructor is a professional, the production of the series of classes is incredible, there are printable lists of course materials (as well as an overview video by the instructor) and you can interact with other students. Unlike a classroom, you move at your own pace; and can go over the same techniques again and again (very helpful for me!) – plus way better than an in-classroom experience, the teacher is right under your nose. You can see everything they’re doing very clearly, and thanks to pausing and rewinding, you can make them do it over and over again. It’s like you have a slave teacher. AWESOME.

I have taken four classes with Craftsy so far, and I adore them. I like that it is always there and easy to access online, because that’s far better than forgetting a technique and trying to remember it. My ‘thing’ is cake decorating, so I’ve taken classes in Handcrafted Sugar Flowers, Modern Piping, and the brand new class on Exotic Sugar Orchids.

I’ve also signed up for the free block of the month class because I’ve always wanted to finish the quilt I started for Rebecca when she was 12 (she’s 21 now). Craftsy is adding new classes every month, so nothing ever gets old. Whether you like cake decorating, quilting, sewing – or even cheese making – you should check out the fantastic range. All the classes are segmented into manageable sections so you don’t lose track of where you’re up to. There are even a stack of free sampler classes so you can “suck it and see” before committing. But if you do commit, everything has a 100% money back guarantee. Can’t get better than that! Even if you’re not ready to take a class straight away, go to Craftsy and register so you can be sure to hear about all their new classes when they’re released.

I promise you that the first Craftsy class you sign up for won’t be your last.


Yep, I love these guys and I know you will too. Whether you’re an avid crafter or someone dipping their toe in the water for the first time, Craftsy has a class for you. To be in the running to win, all you need to do is comment below with the class you’d most like to try. That’s it! At the end of the week, I’ll be using the good old Random Number Generator to choose a winner (the first comment will be number 1, etc), and that person will receive access to any Craftsy class they want! Go to it! (Winner drawn Saturday 17 November, 9am)


UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS Gretchen Kuntz White for winning the Craftsy class of your choice! Make sure you subscribe, or Like the Mediamum Page on Facebook to be notified of our next competition, going live today – Monday 21 November 2012!


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