Don’t be rude on the internet.

Rant alert! This weekend a company I adore posted some promotional things on its Facebook page, including the people who work with them. One of the ladies is talented to the extreme, and a really great addition to the company’s offerings. I can’t wait to see more of what she is doing. But some commenters on Facebook decided it was open season to be rude about this lady’s apparent appearance (what you can tell of it from a single photograph, waist up). Comments like “Who ate all the pies then?” (that classless guy appears to live in Wigan in the UK and works at an IT Support Center) and “Looks like she eats most of them herself” (another classy Brit who lives in Cookley and just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary to his poor wife named Maureen).

Am I a stalker? No. I just have a mouse and the ability to click.

Are these slack-jawed insulters morons? Yes. And you can tell not just because of the rude comments they leave, but also because of the stupid way they personally engage with social media.

None of these people have locked their accounts down. Not a single one. You can simply click on any of their names and get full access to their complete Facebook details because not one of them has ever gone to the privacy settings and closed off anything. All their pictures of their holidays, their hobbies, their families – all openly accessible to everyone. I can tell you where they went, when they went there. What their kids look like. Their grandchildren. The lot.

That’s dumb as it is, but when you bring attention to yourself by making smarmy troll-like comments about someone you don’t know in a public forum, you’re inviting retribution.

So I’m just saying, don’t be rude on the internet. Especially if you’re not ready for posts like this to come about that actually name you and provide links from the to who you are (which I haven’t done just because I’m better behaved online than these people are – you’re welcome the barber from Idaho who I hope never hear you say such rude things in front of your two beautiful little girls who I’m sure are being brought up fabulously in spite of you.)

End of rant.

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