Nutrisystem Week 4: It’s working!

The cold weather is making me want to snuggle in and eat creamy sauces and mashed potatoes. Even though I’ve been down the Nutrisystem path before, I’m not finding it a walk in the park. I need discipline. A second time around is not easier, but in recognizing the challenges I have come up with some great ideas to help me through those stodgy food desires.

I’ve discovered the brilliance of stewing tomatoes, zucchini and onion with a tiny bit of salt. I’m allowed as much of this as I like, and it makes great warm comfort food. It’s so filling and it takes up more than half of the servings of vegetables I’m attempting to have every day. Salads do get a little boring after a while (I’m not at that point yet – I do enjoy my salads still), and changing it up with some of these hot options has been a great way to go.

crumbedchickenWe’ve been out to dinner a few times, and I’m really pleased that I remember what I learned about eating out last time around. I’m not even tempted by the ‘worse’ choices on the menus. Luckily here in Boulder we go to the same restaurants regularly, and I already know the items on the menu I choose. I like to stick with the grilled salmon or tuna with a stack of greens.

The easiest days for me are weekdays when I’m in the office all day. I have my red wine vinegar on my desk for my salad, and keep the stash of lunches, fruit and yoghurt for the snacks in there. I could still do with adding more water in, so I’m going to focus on that. I don’t need to add anything to the water to make it more palatable – I like the taste of water. I just don’t drink enough of it!

Happily, at the end of the fourth week I am down eight pounds! I can tell too! The jeans I was bursting out of now fit again properly, and I feel more comfortable getting around. I know that some days I won’t lose anything – and sometimes the scale might even nudge up a little. But I know that keeping committed to the program will produce results. Guaranteed! I’m really looking forward to hitting the first 10 pound loss. That will be very, very cool!

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is supplying my food and dietary support in return for my honest reflections on the program. Do you live in the US or Canada, and want to join me and get healthy with Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

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