Nutrisystem Week 6: The one with the foot

I’m checking in with my weekly update on my Nutrisystem journey. The company is giving me an opportunity to be on the program for four months in return for my honest feedback on how I go. As someone who is experienced on the diet roller coaster, I wanted to really make sure I learn as much as possible. What a week! In combination with my Nutrisystem routine I have been trying to get my exercise in every morning but at the same time get into work as early as possible. Something had to give. That something was my foot.

I was determined to hike faster, and that meant speeding up my walking pace (God forbid I should actually run). My shoes are not the best, and they are old and worn. Of course, all this combined meant my feet were not well supported as I hiked over uneven terrain. When I did that at a speed, and turned a corner sharply on Monday, my foot began to hurt. And it didn’t go away.

Less hiking for a while
Less hiking for a while

I can take a lot of pain, so I just ignored it. Until I started limping. So on Wednesday morning I felt my foot – and there was a lump. A sore lump. After a couple of doctor visits, it appears I have a small tear in my plantar fascia (that’s fun to say!) and the tear is irritated when I walk, so a stack of fluid builds up in it. I limp more and screw my face up in pain. It’s really not pretty.

No more hiking for a while, (ugh) and time to buy some new shoes while I undergo Physical Therapy.

It’s a great lesson – I need to take care of all aspects of me if I am to be healthy. Learning good food choices is one key aspect, but doing a slap-dash whack at the other areas of my health  is not okay if I am going to gain balance for my mind, body and spirit this year. It can be just as bad to go at something too hard as it is to not do it at all.

So now I have some foot exercises and have begun to take Jet to the dog park instead of bigger hikes each day. She’s happy but I am worried that suddenly my bum will start to get bigger! Add to that the fact I only lost .5 pounds this week, and you can see that I have cause for concern. I am assured that if I stick totally with my Nutrisystem program, the weight will continue to fall, even without my hiking each day. I hope so! On top of that, Nutrisystem has some great online tools that I’m actually going to access now, and build in 10 minutes, three times a day, to do physical activity. After all, I don’t have to only hike! Time to get creative.

I’ve now lost a total of 9.5 pounds in six weeks. At least it’s all been in the right direction! I’m so close to that magic 10 pounds, I can taste it. Even without my usual kinds of exercise, I really want to get there as a first milestone. Let’s see!

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is supplying my food and dietary support in return for my honest reflections on the program. Do you live in the US or Canada, and want to join me and get healthy with Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting


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