Review: One keyboard, no batteries, three devices. The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard.

This summer we did a stack of traveling around the US. After I was on the ground down in Colorado Springs throughout the Black Forest Fire evacuation period, we then took the family off to Mountain View, California for two weeks. Then I bounced from there to Chicago for BlogHer 2013, back to Denver and finally another trip to New York. Gee, what a lot was crammed in!

When I’m packing for trips, I want to travel light so I don’t get hit with baggage fees, and I also have to remember to charge everything before I go. With my laptop, phone, iPad, camera… it’s a lot of charging going on! So when Staples¬†reached out to invite me to have the Logitech K760 wireless solar keyboard, I decided to test it out as part of all this travel.

The keyboard is operable with any Mac, iPad and iPhone; doesn’t need to plug into anything and is powered by light – complete freedom from cables and power! Additionally, it’s a good way of making better use of your iPhone – no more tiny buttons. Let’s say you’re at a conference or a meeting and you want to take some notes. Just grab your iPhone, open Evernote (I think it’s the best, most essential multi-function app you can have), and start typing on the Logitech keyboard – you don’t have to worry about the keyboard losing power, or it being paired with only one device at a time.

photo (3)The keyboard seamlessly switches between three devices so you are never married to a single way of getting your input done. This is particularly great when you perhaps get home from that meeting in a cafe and want to add additional notes to the file you began. Open Evernote (or wherever you made the doc) on your iPad or Mac, and just keep typing. Pairing is simple, and switching between the paired devices is as simple as hitting 1, 2 or 3 at the top of the keyboard.

A disadvantage is that there is no separate case for the keyboard, limiting the ability for the keyboard to be truly portable. I kept it in the box it came in, but certainly if I were going to travel a lot with it, a neoprene case of some kind would be very helpful.

Staples was also kind enough to send along a “That was easy” button along with the keyboard. If you want to drive people insane, make sure you pick one of those up next time you’re in Staples, and keep it on your desk to hit every time you ‘win’ a discussion or complete a work task – for $6, it can be very effective at getting people to leave you behind when they go out for group lunches. A nice way of thinning the herd of friends and family to a manageable number.

Disclosure: Staples gave me this keyboard, which retails through the site at $60.
photo credit (featured page): x-ray delta one via photopin cc


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