Milking the last days of summer

If you close your eyes you can live in a nice little land called denial. That’s a place where summer just keeps going, grills stay hot and the weather will never include snow. It’s a nice world. In an attempt to bring that land of denial into our real existence, some friends got together last weekend to have a cook out and talk. It was alarming for us to realise it was the first time we’d managed to get together this summer because we’ve all been traveling so much. Boulder is certainly a place where most people are not native to the city and perhaps my friends are a great example of exactly how diverse we can be. Elisabeth is Swiss, Pilar is Peruvian, I’m Australian… yet we have so much in common, and we bring so many different experiences from our backgrounds to topics it makes for vibrant conversation.

Elisabeth, Pilar and Andrea toasting our summer
Elisabeth, Pilar and Andrea toasting our summer

We had a lovely evening under the stars, relaxing with some grilled salmon, cooked simply with a marinade of lemon and lime juice and wrapped in foil on the grill. We also had a lovely kale salad brought by Karyn (is it me or is Kale salad the thing everyone’s talking about), and we finished with some gorgeous home-baked cookies by Heidi.

These are the kinds of BBQs that are the best – the ones where the effort is minimal on the shoulders of the hostess and responsibility for the food is distributed through the people who are coming along. It means it can be almost a spur of the moment thing, and when you have good friends who are more interested in the conversation than the food pairings, you can be very pleasantly surprised with the food that arrives.

I happily brought along a lemon meringue pie (thank you supermarket!) and a cask of the Merlot varietal from Black Box Wine for us all to sample, which had been sent to me by the company to try. I enjoy wine but am not often a red wine drinker, so our hostess Elisabeth was surprised at my choice, but we all sampled it and the verdict was definitely positive. I like to try new things, and loved the Merlot varietal – it wasn’t gritty or heavy at all but was instead very pleasant and smooth. I can see myself buying it again.

Living in Colorado, a very dry environment, enjoying wine can be more problematic than living at sea level. Because you get dried out so quickly here, the drying affect of the alcohol can have you waking up with a headache the next morning even only after one or two glasses the night before. Now I’ve had a few glasses of both the Chardonnay and the Merlot (on different nights – moderation is a very good thing!), and neither time did I wake up dehydrated at all. The cask means it’s easy to keep them in the cupboard for a while.  The company also does a smaller tetra pack with enough wine for two or three glasses in each. They’re a great option for picnics or events where portability is needed, and a glass bottle is not! I must also say I really like the way the company does its marketing – every aspect of its social media includes the consumer stating they are over 21 years of age. They also support anti-drunk driving campaigns, and are resolute in their commitment to support of responsible drinking in moderation.

So as the days begin to get shorter, I’m happy remaining in the land of denial. I will not be buying any snow gear, or looking for leaves changing colors. I’m quite happy for summer to just keep on rolling along, for long evenings with more BBQs and fabulous conversations with friends on the back patio, household chores with the hubby and kids. You know, fun stuff, like gutter cleaning with the best cleaning services boston and landscaping the yard. Make sure you use a ladder stabilizer by when climbing up to clean those summer gutters! Safety is important! Plus, the hubby and I bought these last season and absolutely LOVE THEM!

Disclosure: Thank you to Black Box Wines for supplying us with some complimentary wine for us to try, no strings attached. If I didn’t like it, I’d say so. 

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