Help the whole family #DriveSafe with Sprint

Disclosure: JG Media and Sprint provided me with an OBD device to try out for a few weeks. I also received compensation for this post. As always, my views and this review remain independent and my own opinion.

How often do you worry about your teenager when they’re driving? All the time, right? It’s normal to be concerned as they get behind the wheel. When Sprint M2M  asked me to try out a UBI [user based insurance] device, I agreed because I was curious about how a tiny piece of technology might influence the way a car is driven.

I think we can agree any tool that aims to improve the way you drive is worth trying, but now products using OBD2 wireless technology on the Sprint network might also help you save money on your insurance. While 99% of Americans consider themselves safe drivers, we all have our limitations – for example, according to the US Dept. of Transportation, speeding was a contributing factor in 32% of all fatal car crashes in 2010.

Our teens have grown up watching us drive – and we’re perhaps not as perfect as we’d like to think.

sprintpicWith traffic fatalities of drivers aged 16-17 jumping a whopping 19% during the first six months of 2012, it’s no wonder we parents of teens are so worried. So why not make use of a little technological intervention that aims to help every driver, and could really save you some money?  The UBI devices hosted on Sprint’s network include features such as text disablement, vehicle tracking, maintenance alerts, and others, all aimed to stop distracted driving. That’s right, install it, and you can’t browse comments on your latest Facebook post, or text while driving.

The OBD2 fits in the palm of your hand, and easily fits under the dashboard in the OBDII port – this port is always within 3 feet of the ignition, and it’s the same place your car mechanic does their diagnostics when you have the car serviced. It’s really simple to attach. No tools needed.

Parents can adjust the controls on the device from the website, and if your teenager thinks they can pull the device out so they don’t get monitored, you’ll be sent an alert immediately. Why not show your teen how it works and then have a family competition – let’s see who gets better mileage to the gallon and who is really the safer driver?





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