Mario Kart 8 – Worth the investment?

16 year old Forest reviews one of his latest purchases and proves that Nintendo really is for everyone.

Surprise surprise! Mario Kart 8 is worth your money. That surprise surprise thing was sarcasm by the way, the whole sarcasm thing does not translate very well to text. Back to the topic at hand, never has a Wii U title kept me so indulged in the experience and kept me having fun for this many hours. Like all other Mario Kart titles, this one will keep you coming back. In my own opinion the two big Wii U games to be hyped for this year are Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8, and so far, Mario Kart 8 has lived up to the hype. If you want to get Mario Kart 8 order it online and get it fast and safe thanks to the best ProOffice shipping labels.

i_41577Mario Kart 8 has you in pretty much the same usual Mario Kart deal, it has you playing as Mario and his friends/enemies racing in karts against each other. As a twist in this installment, this game introduces some new mechanics, like racing under water and racing in anti-gravity environments. The game represents changing to anti-gravity or going into water through a blue line across the course and passing it changes your tires into some sort of hover devices. When in anti-gravity, you can touch other players or certain structures in the games environment to get a short speed boost. Though the anti-gravity idea is very cool, it loses its wow factor after a while.

Mario Kart 8 introduces 3 new main items: the Boomerang, the Piranha Plant, and the Super Horn, all along with the classic items (Including that dastardly Blue Shell). With the Boomerang, you can throw it backwards or forwards to hit other players and, in the way of the Boomerang, have it come back to you. The Piranha Plant pretty much makes a zone around you in which if another player or item/coin come inside the zone, it chomps it up. The Super Horn is kind of like the Piranha Plant in a way, though unlike the Piranha Plant which is on a unseen timer, the Super horn is one use. When you use the Super horn it makes a viewable zone around you where everything inside that zone is destroyed (or spun out if it is a player), this also includes those blue shells which have cost me so many victories.

Like Mario Kart Wii this game allows you to use a steering wheel remote (not included with game unless specified) or your Wii U’s Gamepad. The game also includes a highlight sharing feature which allows you to create your own highlight reel and share it with the Wiiverse. Mario Kart 8 allows you to play single player where you can play Grand Prixs, Time Trials, VS Races, or Battles. It allows multiplayer where you can get up to three friends and play against each other in Prixs, VS Races, or Battles. There is a single/two player online mode where you can race with up to 12 people (including yourself and your friend if playing two player). Lastly there’s MKTV in which you can watch other peoples races and highlight reels.

The game runs beautifully at 720p, 60fps on screen and takes a short time to load up races. It even has the capability to play single player on the Gamepad if needed. There are 32 courses altogether, 16 being brand new, and 16 that are reimagined from the old games. Almost all of them are memorable and fun to play on every time. There are also 30 character altogether, with a person having 16 from the start. Like other recent Kart games there are also customisations that a person can make to their vehicle to change the vehicles stats. You unlock those customisations by collecting coins scattered throughout the courses in the game.

The one small problem I have found in the game (Besides that goddamn Blue Shell!) is the difficulty curve between the 50cc, 100cc, and the 150cc prixs. I think that the 50cc and 100cc are pretty casual and laid back but the game becomes very difficult when you get to 150cc. That is my only complaint really. You can also unlock stars by winning the grand prixs on each difficulty, and if you are able to 3 star every prix on every difficulty then you unlock mirror mode, which can make your races a lot more interesting, but I will let you find out for yourself what I mean by that.

Mario Kart 8 is an amazing installment to the Mario Kart series and maybe the best yet, it runs smoothly and has hours of fun in it. Just remember to be ready for that skill gap between prixs if you are looking to give yourself a challenge. If you have 60 spare dollars and looking for a fun game, spend your money on this.


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  • This game really deserve a reward, while i’m a big sonic fanboy, Still This game is cool. Sonic Racing & Sonic Racing 2: Transformed both got 8.0 and 8.7 (8.8 for Wii U) So close to beat Mario Kart 8. But oh well, Good o’l Nintendo. Always respect others video games. :3 Nintendo gave Him a second Change to Participate in the Smash Bros Series, Nintendo really Loves Sonic the Hedgehog. They always friends each other. Sega x Nintendo :3

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