In no particular order, here are 25 things you could use in an article about me when I cark it, plus a bonus one at the end I kinda hope you’ll actually use. I’ve already taken them out of context to save you the trouble. See which ones resonate with you.

1. I have four kids, a husband and a dog.

2. I have been on Twitter (@mediamum) since early 2007. This makes me a Twitter grandma (but not necessarily a twitter guru ;)).

3. I walked away from my 20yr career as a computer magazine journalist PR consultant to get a BA (Communication) and teach. I did most of it through distance education, by myself. It was tough, but worth it. At my graduation as I walked across the stage, my daughter screamed “Go Mum!” from somewhere in the middle of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Best. Day. Ever.

See? I look exactly like my avatar.

4. I taught Marketing, Advertising, Event Management and Journalism atTAFE NSW (Australia’s public community college network.)  I also did a Graduate Diploma in Adult Education through Charles Sturt University, by distance ed (see the theme here?).

5. I moved with my family to the US in 2008, landing in gorgeous Boulder, Colorado. My three sons live with us. My eldest child is a thriving, independent, sassy woman, living happily in Sydney. She’s a little bit famous in the cosplay world, and has a lovely boyfriend who suffers my humour brilliantly.

My research home. Purdy, ain’t it?

6. My Journalism Masters thesis at CU considered mom bloggers and brand engagement. It was published in 2010.

7. I think of women who blog as media company owners. I like talking about things like business and strategic marketing plans for bloggers.

8. My mum passed away on February 10, 2012. I was there. She had never been ill in her life until cancer took her from us. It’s been tough, but wow, my family is very special. Mum would be proud. I miss her in ways I can not fathom or express.

9. I (am working towards) edited: I JUST COMPLETED my PhD, in the ATLAS program at CU. I work at Project EPIC, looking at how people use technology during mass convergence and crisis events. My focus is on how people use technology, particularly social tools, to support their work. I like the intangible aspects of the situated practice of work with communities of practice, in particular.

10. I graduated from the inaugural Founder Institute incubator program in Silicon Valley in Summer 2009. (I think that makes me sound like a chicken.)

11. I’ve been called a “seasoned blogger.” (That definitely makes me sound like a chicken.)

12. We are a bootstrapping start-up family. I know what ramen is, how to clip coupons and how to dumpster dive. I also know how to identify a market gap, develop an idea and a product to fill it.

13. I have been a Split Enz/anything-Finn fan since I was 14. (A very long time).

14. I love my dog, Jet. We are best pals. She is really smart, but sometimes she eats poo.

15. Straight out of school I worked in the music industry. I started in Australian band management (The Allniters, Sharon O’Neill, Dragon) and moved to international touring artists (Elton John, Lionel Ritchie, etc).

16. I’m thanked on Moving Pictures last album.

17. I’ve been in a couple of music videos, was on Home and Away a few times, did voice-overs for radio and those telephone automatic messaging systems people adore ;), and presented on a tv show called The Zone.

Jo and Nick Seymour, Crowded House
Jo and Nick Seymour, Crowded House

18. I was editor of GAMESTAR magazine, chief sub-editor on Australian Personal Computer magazine, and Deputy Editor on PC User magazine in Australia.

19. I can tie jelly snakes and cherry stems into a knot using only my tongue.

20. I have completed all the Wilton cake decorating courses.

21. I enjoy Letterboxing. Some of my blogging pals put me onto it, and it’s kind of like Fight Club for weird people who like treasure hunts. Because Fight Club isn’t weird enough on its own.

22. I’m still finding things I like, things I don’t like, and things I thought I liked but now realise I don’t.

23. I’m always finding things I know, things I don’t know, and things I thought I knew but now realise I don’t. And things I don’t want to know – I’m a mum of teens.

24. I believe pregnant women are not ill.

25. I believe every child deserves the best, not just what is convenient or what the law has said.

26. I believe in tolerance and conversations, peace, love – and that our best days are always yet to come.



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