While I am a traditionally trained journalist, this blog represents content which reflects one part of my concept of new journalism.

The content of my blog is subjective, well informed and considered in its analysis. I aim to link wherever appropriate, be transparent in my research and writing, and be responsive to those who would like to continue the conversation at a level that is appropriate.

My brand is who I am and I treat it professionally. I have a lot to lose if I do not undertake due diligence in my research, and any opinions I give are honestly mine or those who have been quoted. As a professional journalist, my opinions are not swayed by financial gain of any kind, and I disclose any gratuities or relationships within posts.

I see the successful future of media is not in vast numbers of clicks, but in the quality and resonance of the Mediamum community. It’s all about the conversations.

My goal is to maintain a quality of content across a range of topic areas that instills a real sense of community in the readership. I cover topics as diverse as womens issues such as birth and breastfeeding, academic research and education at graduate level in social media, ethnography and communication, and the demands of family life on a shoestring. I am cross-continental in my geographic presence, do quite a bit of travel, and occasionally like to win things. The community who enjoys reading my blog shares aspects of these interests.

To find out more about who I am, please visit my About page. To advertise or speak directly with me about potential promotion or sponsorship opportunities, please use my Contact details.

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